We want to thank you for entertaining at the Banquet session of the recent Hadassah Convention, and for making the evening one of the outstanding events of the Convention program. All those who were privileged to hear you were delighted with your program and could have gone on listening to you for at least another hour. Thank you for sharing your exceptional talent with the more than 2,000 delegates and guests who were in the room that evening.

Deborah Kaplan (National President)
Roz Brown (National Convention Chair)
Hadassah, Women's Zionist Organization of America

... Thank you once again for participating in our Jesters in June series. It's no wonder that our audience considers you one of their favorite performers. You are a fabulous talent and gave them exactly what they came for ... lots of laughs and intelligent humor. Your commitment to excellence in your work was reflected in your outstanding performance.

Susan Engel
92nd St Y

I want to thank you for your brilliant performance at the Museum yesterday. I needn't tell you (the audience response made it clear) that the evening was a resounding success. The words that I have been hearing all day from colleagues about your singing include "magical" and "transforming". And your impressions and conversation with your mother were fabulous.

Margo Bloom
National Jewish Archive of Broadcasting

It was so nice meeting you in Washington and I was delighted you could join us at the cocktail party. You are a very talented entertainer, Marilyn dear, and it was a joy to introduce you at the banquet. Thank you so much for putting on such a fine show.

Joan Crawford

Bravo! Your performance at our executive Christmas party was absolutely first-rate. It has been the main subject of conversation around the office all day long. On behalf of your entire Friday -night audience, thanks for the show. I want to add my appreciation for your fine work and the great impression you made in representing Diet 7Up. All of us at the Seven-Up company are proud to have you on our team of Diet 7Up celebrities.

Edward Frantel
The Seven-Up Company

I am so pleased that you were able to videotape segments for the school breakfast program. Your ability to take rather "dull" information and inject such life and vitality into it is truly remarkable.

Nancy Pline
The State Education Department

Just a quick note to thank you for being part of the Us Magazine Awards Show. Your talent and professionalism contributed to making the show a huge success.

Barbara Lewis

Wanted to thank you again for the beautiful portrait. It's quite evident how much work you put into it, and I wanted you to know how appreciative I am.

Johnny Carson

I am happy to inform you that our Lincoln-Mercury show was judged a big success. You were hilariously entertaining in all of your star turns. Your numbers in the Show Business segment were the best sight and vocal impersonations that I have ever seen or heard. What a showstopper! Once again, it was a pleasure meeting you and having the opportunity to be entertained by a top musical talent.

Emil Rader
Ford Motor Company